Even if you think that your parents are mean

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Even if you think that your parents are mean-spirited(心胸狭窄的) at times, loving your parents is a normal and fulfilling part of life. You love them for the fact that they created you, raised you, and are in part of a source of who you are. Here are some ways to love your parents.

1.. A gentle “Good morning” and “I love you” will warm a coldest heart. Remember that they brought you into this world. Without your parents ,you might still wander at an unknown corner in an unknown world. Respect them more and cherish these moments. You can use these moments to learn from them when you’re off on your own. It’s OK to get angry but angry actions don’t help you or your parents . Act calmly, cool off, keep a journal about your feelings, or talk to a friend. 2. .

Obey their requests. It will make your attitude better and earn you more respect from them. It may seem like you are going through hell when you don’t get what you want or you have to clean. However, you had better remember they keep a roof over your head when it’s cold, raining, snowing, or too hot. Understand that parents are human beings and make mistakes.3. . Since you can forgive your friends, why not forgive your parents?

Keep company with them. Do things with your parents like watching TV, or go somewhere with them. 4..Listen to their old stories and learn from them. You will find they are your teachers in this way or another.

Some people simply may not be able to love their parents. 5.. Seek help if you are being abused(虐待) in any way. Parents do not have a right to harm you.

A. Forgiveness is the key.

B. Tell them you love them every morning.

C. Parents will in turn express their love to you.

D. After this, share your feelings with your parents.

E. Anyway, spend as much time with them as you can.

F. Please remember parents are as important as friends.

G. There can be realistic reasons for this, family violence for example.

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    科目:高中英语 来源:黑龙江省大庆市2017届高三第二次教学质量检测(二模)英语试卷(有答案) 题型:完形填空

    One day I was driven by a rain-storm to take shelter in a little hut by the road-side, which was_______by a shoemaker as his workshop. The man and his son were_______at their work, and_______saying, “Good-day,” we began to talk together.

    Before I had been with them long, the old man_______his son out to get something that he_______for his work. The boy was only five minutes_______, but it was too_______for the active old shoemaker to be idle(懒惰的). He became_______, moved about the room, and_______took up a piece of leather and fell to________it, saying, “You know, sir, it will never do to be idle.”

    As soon as the rain was over, I went on my way home, ________what I had heard—“It will never do to be idle.” Some people are ________idle; others are idle only now and then I was one of the latter class. I could work only________. So the old man’s words came home to me. They awakened my________, and I began to feel how wrong it was to ________ so much of my life in idleness.

    I had often heard and read that________is a very great evil, but now I began to see that it________far more sorrow than people are________. It is the man who is doing nothing that is drawn into disaster, while the busy man is________. It is only the idle that are unhappy. So I made up my mind to________the shoemaker’s rule for the rest of my life.

    1.A. regarded B. treated C. used D. counted

    2.A. strict B. nervous C. awkward D. busy

    3.A. before B. while C. after D. when

    4.A. sent B. took C. picked D. gave

    5.A. treasured B. needed C. registered D. delivered

    6.A. far B. outwards C. forwards D. away

    7.A. short B. chose C. long D. loose

    8.A. relaxed B. uneasy C. eager D. hopeless

    9.A. at last B. at present C. at first D. at once

    10.A. cut up B. work upon C. put on D. carry on

    11.A. working out B. going after C. dating from D. thinking over

    12.A. always B. sometimes C. once D. nowadays

    13.A. in particular B. at length C. at times D. in advance

    14.A. enthusiasm B. conscience C. hope D. energy

    15.A. waste B. complete C. achieve D. deserve

    16.A. patience B. pleasure C. comfort D. idleness

    17.A. shrinks B. leads C. causes D. reduces

    18.A. aware of B. fond of C. confident of D. crazy about

    19.A. tired B. safe C. worried D. anxious

    20.A. receive B. promise C. explore D. follow


    科目:高中英语 来源:2017届甘肃省天水市、兰州市高三下学期一模考试英语试卷(解析版) 题型:短文改错







    Now I’d like to share with you a strange experience I had a month before.It may sound funny,and it’s true.After a day’s hard work I went to bed early than usual.It was about two o’clock in the morning,and suddenly I woke up.I heard a noise.I got out of bed and went slow downstairs.I listened carefully.I could heard two men speaking quietly.I believed two thieves had broken into my house and I was really frightened,so I went back to upstairs,and immediately phone the police from my bedroom.The police arrived quickly.They opened front door with a special key and went into the living room.You can imagine what embarrassed I was when they came upstairs and told me we had turned the television off for me and everything was all right.


    科目:高中英语 来源:广东省广州市2017届高三下学期第一次模拟考试英语试卷 题型:短文改错



    删除:把多余的词用斜线( \ )划掉。


    注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

    2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

    Getting rid of the bad habit of procrastination (拖延症) is now my goal in life. My first step was to set small targets what can be reached realistically. For example, I plan to set a timetable for my study. So after school, I will put finishing homework in the last place. Additionally, I will make a list of my important task including their due dates but follow my schedule strictly. I will avoid find excuses for putting them off. At same time, I will ask for my friends and parents to help me. By achieving this small targets, I have confident that I will overcome procrastination.


    科目:高中英语 来源:广东省广州市2017届高三下学期第一次模拟考试英语试卷 题型:阅读理解

    Inside the Rain Room

    The Rain Room has arrived and local art lovers are taking notice. Is it worth the wait? Yes, I assure you it is. Once inside, visitors find a long, dark room with a high ceiling. A single bright light shines through heavy rain falling around visitors. The mist. The damp air. The noise. It feels like a mighty storm is pouring down. But the storm is inside. And visitors aren’t getting wet. Instead, visitors wander in awe, admiring the rain and the artists who created it.

    The Rain Room was created to highlight the connection between humans, nature and technology. With a tracking system that senses movement and stops the rain wherever visitors move, it does just that. Light and sound produce an experience that feels both natural and foreign. The exhibit is moving on to Atlanta next month. I urge you to visit before then. It’s time to experience the Rain Room for yourself!

    Welcome to the Rain Room

    • The Rain Room features falling water. Please be aware you may get slightly wet. However, visitors wearing raincoats will be turned away.

    • This exhibit features advanced technology. To ensure its effectiveness, please avoid wearing dark or reflective clothing.

    • Visitors are welcome to take photographs of the exhibit.

    • Children must be accompanied by an adult.

    • For the convenience of all guests, visits are limited to 10 minutes.

    1.What’s the purpose of the text?

    A. To attract visitors to a new art exhibit.

    B. To explain how an exhibit has been created.

    C. To describe the technology used in the exhibit.

    D. To promote the artists taking part in an exhibit.

    2.What’s the function of the exhibit’s tracking system?

    A. To keep visitors from getting wet.

    B. To protect the exhibit from water damage.

    C. To time how long visitors are in the room.

    D. To count the number of visitors in the room.

    3.What must you do when visiting the Rain Room?

    A. Wear a raincoat.

    B. Wear dark clothing.

    C. Leave your camera outside.

    D. Pass through within 10 minutes.


    科目:高中英语 来源:山东省枣庄市南校区2016-2017学年高一3月月考英语试卷(有答案) 题型:翻译








    科目:高中英语 来源:山东省枣庄市南校区2016-2017学年高一3月月考英语试卷(有答案) 题型:单词拼写

    Harbin is a cold,_________(工业的)centre in the north.It has over three million inhabitants.


    科目:高中英语 来源:安徽省淮北市2016-2017学年高二下学期第一次月考英语试卷(有答案) 题型:阅读理解

    I log onto a computer at the doctor’s office to say I have arrived and then wait until a voice calls me into the examination room.

    There, a robotic nurse directs me onto a device and then takes my blood pressure. Some time later, in steps the doctor, who is also a robot. He notes down my symptoms and gives me a prescription. I pay for my visit using a credit card machine and return home without having met another human being.

    This scenario(场景) is my nightmarish(噩梦般的) vision of the future, which hasn’t come to pass—at least not yet.

    I should say I really do like many aspects of technology. I am a big fan of air conditioning in the summer and heaters in winter. But I am writing this because I don’t want machines to take over.

    When I call my dentist's office and actually get a human being on the line, I am thrilled. And when I see the introduction of yet more self-service checkout stations at the grocery store, I feel like shouting: "When it comes to cashiers(收银员), make mine human, please!"

    After all, human cashiers sometimes give you a store coupon (优惠券) for items you are buying. Even more than that, real-life cashiers often take an interest in particularly cute children, which can brighten a young mother's day. A cashier may also show compassion for an elderly person struggling to get that last penny out of her purse.

    Machines can be efficient and cost-effective and they often get the job done just fine. But they lack an element so crucial to everyday life.

    It is being human that prompts(促使) us to smile at others, which may be what they need at that moment. Call it the spirit, the soul or the heart. It is something no machine will ever have.

    1.What’s the author’s purpose in writing the first two paragraphs?

    A. To indicate high technology can make our future life very efficient.

    B. To warn readers of the possible dangers of robotic nurses and doctors.

    C. To describe a possible future scene where robots take control of our life.

    D. To predict how technology can affect we see a doctor in the future.

    2.What is the main reason that the author prefers being served by humans rather than by robots?

    A. Robots don’t offer to give store coupons.

    B. Robots are indifferent and emotionless.

    C. Services from robots cost less time and more money.

    D. Robots can’t do a job as well as humans do.

    3.What does the underlined word “element” mean in the eighth paragraph?

    A. Humor. B. The ability to speak.

    C. Methods. D. Effective communication.

    4.What’s the main idea of the text?

    A. The opinion about using man or machine.

    B. Machines give people a lot of convenience.

    C. Being human service is better than service from machines.

    D. Being human service cost little money.


    科目:高中英语 来源:福建省福州市毕业班3月综合质量检测英语试卷(有答案) 题型:完形填空

    I have always thought of myself as a doer. In work, I certainly was and continue to be. As a mom, I’m mostly a doer. However, my_______for breast cancer made me_________I hadn’t been a doer in the way I wanted to be—but that was about to_________.

    Since I became a_________and reported many plane crashes, I’ve been _______of flying. My family had _______been to another continent together. Now that the chemo(化疗) _______, as a gift to myself, my kids and my mom, I took them all to London to _______life before beginning radiation every weekday for six weeks.

    This time I made a_______not to think too much about it. Looking in the mirror without hair, you do your best to __________your day as though it were a day __________you discovered your lump(肿瘤). Then everything seems doable. __________I just booked the trip. In London, every day I __________a different adventure, from which my family and I learned much and __________ourselves.

    I had wanted to take a__________like this for years, but life and work had gotten in the way. Now, __________life and work, we had finally done__________. I have thoroughly enjoyed family learning ____________living, but nothing is better than knowing that my kids feel __________for the trip. One day, perhaps they’ll realize that sometimes, the best__________come(s) after surviving your greatest fears.

    1.A. concern B. reason C. treatment D. anxiety

    2.A. realize B .imagine C. ignore D. doubt

    3.A. continue B. change C. happen D. arise

    4.A. pilot B. doctor C. tourist D .journalist

    5.A. tired B. fond C. proud D. afraid

    6.A. frequently B. never C. already D. just

    7.A. failed B. delayed C. ended D. approached

    8.A. save B. create C. improve D. celebrate

    9.A. decision B. wish C. judgment D. conclusion

    10.A. get rid of B. get through C. look back on D. look for

    11.A. before B. after C. until D. when

    12.A. But B. Otherwise C. So D. Even

    13.A. expected B. planned C. described D. experienced

    14.A. taught B. enjoyed C. introduced D. trained

    15.A. trip B. rest C. risk D. lesson

    16.A. in terms of B. owing to C. in addition to D. regardless of

    17.A. it B. them C. everything D. something

    18.A. for B .with C. by D. beyond

    19.A. eager B. grateful C. ready D. sorry

    20.A. work B. love C. adventures D. chances


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