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1. 声明:不法商人不要违抗法律,冒用我司品牌,我司将保留追诉的权力。
Disclaimer: unscrupulous traders do not defy the law, fraudulent use of our brand, I Division will retain the power of prosecution.

2. 违抗的

2. 尽管有人告知他已经有人调查过此事。而他决定违抗执行官的命令,继续按照自己的方式去调查。
Though Garrus was told his investigation was over, he decided to defy the executor's order and pursue another lead on his own.

3. 在工程在这个展览,约会从1966年至1968年,色彩缤纷的油漆是用来划定的不同要素,雕塑,使它的意识运动,活力和失重,其中违抗重型钢结构建筑。
In the works in this exhibition, dating from 1966-68, brightly coloured paint is used to delineate the different elements of the sculpture, giving it a sense of movement, dynamism and weightlessness which defies the heavy steel construction.

4. 他说,如果有一个全国性的打击,他被要求加入,他会违抗命令。
He says if there was a nationwide crackdown, and he was asked to join, he would disobey orders.

5. 违抗的什么意思

5. 如今,对违抗命令的士兵或水手施以笞刑是一种不人道的惩罚。
Nowadays, it is an inhumane punishment to flog the disobedient soldiers or sailors.

6. 你要违抗他的命令吗?
Are you going to defy his orders?

7. 今天你要是吃了我,就是违抗天帝的命令!
If you do so, you disobey God`s order!

8. 在过去几年,朝鲜已经利用这个机会展示违抗或向南方的优越性。
In past years, North Korea has used the occasion to show defiance or superiority toward the South.

9. 各方谨此允许,困一方被指控违抗、现实违抗或未遵守本协议条款和条件包括但不限于由于违约方与项目相关的误差、不作为或动招致对另一方和常识产权或其他权利的侵扰进犯,而惹起的任何和所有索赔、诉讼、损害和支拨,该违约方须向另一方做出赔偿,使另一方免受损害,并为其实行抗辩。
Each Party hereby agree to indemnify hold harmless and defend the other Party from and against any and all claims suits losses damages and disbursements (including legal and management costs) arising out of any alleged or actual breach of failure to comply with the terms and conditions hereof including but not limited to any infringement of the other Party's intellectual property or other rights occurring as a result of the offending Party's fault omission or activities in connection with the Project.

10. 一次在大院里玩耍,弟弟因违抗我的意愿而让我恼羞成怒,竟用一根五尺长的竹杆抽打向我告饶的弟弟,当时的情景真有点与父亲打我时相仿佛,后来被邻居们发现才住了手的。
But unfortunately, the pebble hit right on his back head. Seeing him bleeding, I was dumb-headed. The neighbors hurried to send him with a tri-cycle to the hospital. My step-mother, after coming back from work, scolded my severely.

11. 911查询·英语单词

11. 目的:探讨儿童注意缺陷多动障碍共患对立违抗性障碍的危险因素。
Objective:To explore risk factors of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder comorbid with oppositional defiant disorder in children.

12. 挑战和嘲弄的手势一种违抗或嘲笑的淫秽的手势,将中指朝上指或戳,通常与the连用
An obscene gesture of anger, defiance, or derision made by pointing or jabbing the middle finger upward.

13. 挑战和嘲弄的手势一种违抗或嘲笑的淫秽的手势,将中指朝上指或戳,通常与the连用
An obscene gesture of defiance or derision made by pointing or jabbing the middle finger upward. Often used with the.

14. 魔王如果你希望了解更多有关亡魂的情况,维亚尔,那你就继续违抗我的命令吧。
If you wish to know more of the afterlife, Veyer, just continue to disobey me.

15. 我也说不太清楚……。如果你不是为我考虑,那你就在违抗我的意愿。
I don't get the whole..if you're not for me..your agaisnt me attitude.

16. 违抗的的翻译

16. 含义:这是亚当和夏娃还未违抗上帝前所居住的花园。
The garden where Adam and Eve lived before their disobedience to God.

17. 因为有一个人违抗我的命令
Because one man disobeyed me...

18. 里根政府的对外政策特点是:意识形态色彩较浓,加强武力威胁;对第三世界国家恩威并用;经济政策上的霸权主义突出:在国际组织和国际会议上经常违抗绝大多数国家的意志和利益。
Undeniably, the Reagan Administration did win some score for the past four years.

19. 我知道,这个规律是违抗不得的,我也从来没有想去违抗。
I know that this is a defiance of the law can not, and I have never wanted to defy.

20. 有意的侮辱;故意的违抗。
The insult was intentional; willful disobedience.

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